How to organise a Trial Lesson with Artis.

The benefits of a Trial lesson or a Meet & Greet

Trial lessons can be a great way to convince a potential student to sign you as their teacher.  It will help to build trust and it will allow you as a teacher to get the measure of your student.


Whether you charge for a trial lesson or not is completely up to you.  If you choose to charge for a trial lesson, you can simply create a lesson type for 15 or 30 minutes and name it ‘Trial lesson’ to show clearly that you are open to offering a meet-&-greet to potential students.


However, if you want to give a free trial in-person or online you can mention that in your profile.


An online meet-&-greet is also useful for those teachers that are planning to teach in-person.  It is a safe way to get to know each other and it gives you the opportunity to decide if you and your new student are a good fit.

How to use Artis for a free Trial Lesson

If you sell your trial lesson through Artis Futura, the entire process will be identical to any other lesson.  Once the lesson is booked and confirmed you will find the link to your online teaching room in Artis under the Lessons tab at the left of your screen.


If you are planning on organising your trial lessons through our Messaging Application, you will have to create a room for the trial lesson.  Navigate to ‘Rehearsal rooms’ and create a new lesson.  Name your lesson and copy the link and share it with your student.  The most efficient way would be to create one room called Trial Lesson and to share the same link with all your potential students.


When the lesson time arrives, simply open the lesson room on the Rehearsal room page or click the link you shared with the student.  Both options will open up the tab for the lesson and your trial lesson can begin

Why is there no 'Trial Lesson' feature built into Artis Futura?

Unlike most platforms, Artis Futura does not offer free trial lessons to students.  I believe it is not fair to expect experienced professionals to work for free, no matter what justification one can come up with.


I am convinced each teacher can decide for themselves how best to run their own business without our interference.  We try to provide you with all the tools you might need and hope we can contribute to the success of your business.


What I am trying to avoid by not integrating standard trial lessons into our system, is that students will start playing the system in order to get free lessons.  If you want to offer a trial lesson, you can now organise and design it as you see fit.

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