How to craft an efficient first impression with an engaging profile.How to build your music teacher profile

How to craft an efficient first impression with an engaging profile.

Your Profile picture and text

First impressions are everything.  These days you only get a moment to grab someone’s attention and to convince them to buy from you.  I recommend you spend some time carefully crafting the message you want potential customers to read.

Artis Futura will work on your behalf to drive traffic to your profile, but it is up to you as a teacher to convince potential students to book a lesson with you.

First off you will want to add your name and profile picture.

Then write an engaging introduction about yourself that will make potential students want to contact you.
We suggest you include information about:

  • Education

  • Qualifications

  • Relevant experience

But keep it short and to the point.  Then add a paragraph about why YOU are the best teacher for them!
Edit teacher profile text

Artis Futura offers you several layout options to help people scan your profile and find the information they are looking for.

You can choose from Headers or Paragraph text, and you can also use Bold, Italic and Underline to draw attention to those parts of your text you find most important.

The headers are <h2> headers, which will become important later on when we talk about the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your profile.  Intelligent use of headers will help your profile stand out on Google, Bing, etc. and will increase your chances to attract new students.

If you want to provide links to your professional work or other resources, you can add Hyperlinks too.


Define the Subjects and/or Instruments you teach

Next up is defining the subjects you offer to teach.  These are important as they will be used to display relevant profiles when students use the filters.

The first filter is Instruments & music theory where you can define what instuments you teach but also other music related subjects such as composition, music theory, music business, music history, etc.

Next up are the Music genres where you can specify the genres you are most comfortable teaching.

Specifying Languages will help you increase your reach to potential students across the globe.  Over time we will translate the whole of Artis Futura into more languages to provide an even wider reach for you and your audience.

Last on the list is the Currency. Right now, you can define your price in Euros, Dollars, British Pounds and Japanese Yen.  More local currencies will be added over time.  This feature lets you select your preferred currency to avoid expensive exchange rates and improve your earning potential.

The First three options will allow you to select multiple options.  Note; Currency however will allow you to define only one option.  Please make sure the currency you select is the same currency you use for your Stripe Standard account!

Add your location

For teachers who are teaching in-person, adding a location to your profile is an obvious choice.  However, for teachers planning on teaching exclusively online, adding a location to your profile will still help you get students.

This has a lot to do with how search engines filter results based on the location of the person.  They will prioritise search results that are local, and often the first autocomplete suggestion will suggest to add the words ‘… near me’.

So adding your location to your profile, however vague, will help you get found by potential students.

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