The benefits of a subscription model

Why did I choose a paid subscription model for Artis Futura, rather than a 'commission only' model?

There are several benefits to using a subscription model over a ‘commission only’ model, and they all come down to the same thing. For a committed teacher a subscription model is simply cheaper.  It rewards their success.


Before we get down to crunching the numbers, I will address all my other reasons first.


A subsription model avoids overcrowding of the platform.  You as a teacher will not have to compete against abandoned profiles that have been set up on a whim.  Abandoned and empty profiles will be filtered out of view, so Artis Futura can keep the information relevant and up to date.  This benefits both your customers and all teachers that commit to being an active part of Artis Futura.


Our subscription model also discourages teachers from competing on price.  If someone tries to undercut other teachers by offering unreasonably low rates, a subscription model suddenly does become expensive.


Our prepay model, allows us to give you ownership of your students.  Once you have acquired a student through our platform, they are all yours.  If there arrives a more convenient way to charge them for their lessons other than through Artis Futura, we give you all the freedom to do so.


The most important reason I chose the subscription model, is because it rewards successful teachers.  Teachers that manage to receive the loyalty of their students and secure repeat bookings should see the cost per lesson drop significantly.  A commission only model makes their money from those teachers that succeed the most, without the platform having to put in any extra effort.  Your success is their gain.

Your subscription payments will be invested towards us finding you students through paid advertising on search engines and social media. It will also go towards developing the platform in a way that will make it easier for you to provide a high-quality education.  That is our job, and that is what you pay us for.  Your experience and professionalism belong to you, and so should the rewards.


If services are Free, You are the Product

The following table shows the revenue versus the expense of using different platforms.


The first column shows income from students generated by a platform per week. So, 25 represents a €25 payment from a student you got through a platform, which should be less than an hour of teaching per week. This of course depends on what you charge.

The second column shows how much that would make you over a year assuming an average student has 35 lessons a year.


The third column shows the expenses for a full price professional profile and the full 3% commission Artis Futura charges on trades paid through our platform.  (Only 2% commission will be paid by you and 1% is an ad-on commission for the student.)


The last five columns show the costs of commission only models.  These commissions very much depend on which platform you would join, but based on my research, most of them will fall within these parameters (10% – 15% – 20% – 25% – 30%).


All our prices are in Euros and inclusive of taxes.

Commission comparisons for different Music education Marketplaces

As you can see, Artis Futura is very competitive and quickly becomes the most profitable option available.


And this is the worst-case scenario I just analysed.  It includes the cost of a full priced professional profile and with every trade done and paid for through Artis Futura.  As mentioned before, you are of course under no obligation to have your lesson payments processed through our platform.  After all you have full ownership of your students and can make any payment arrangements you like.


To help you get settled as a teacher and build up your profile and reputation on Artis Futura, we offer half price professional profiles for the first year for every new teacher.


This is how the first year costs measure up against the same commission based models:

First year discount commission calculations for education market places

To maximise the success of your teacher profile, make sure you stay pro-active when designing your profile.  Experiment with different texts and ask feedback from your friends and colleagues on why they would or would not book a lesson based on your profile text.  Create and add the right media that shows potential students why you deserve to be considered as their teacher. And above all, be the best teacher you can be…

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