Welcome to our Ambassador Programme

Artis Futura Ambassador Program

What are the benefits of becoming an ambassador?

Ambassadors are registered teachers that actively promote Artis Futura to their network of colleagues through their websites or via social media posts.

We award those ambassadors for their loyalty and support with a recurring commission for every artist that subscribes to a professional profile.  (The teachers you bring to our platform will be affiliated to you. They are called your affiliates) Each time we receive a subscription payment, we transfer 3% to the ambassador that brought that teacher to Artis Futura.

But we don’t stop there!  All ambassadors who bring 25 subscribed teachers to Artis Futura will be upgraded to a gold membership.  Now, in addition to the commissions you receive from your own affiliates, you will now be awarded with an additional 1% commission for all the teachers affiliated to your affiliates. (The affiliates of your affiliates are called sub-affiliates)

This means that if you manage to attract great teachers with a strong online reputation, your ambassador rewards will grow exponentially.  Their networks will be your success.

Finally, for those teachers who have achieved a gold membership and whose network reaches one hundred affiliates and sub affiliates combined, we have the Platinum membership.  You will now be rewarded with 1% for your second-tier affiliates (the sub-affiliates of your affiliates) as well.

As a Platinum Ambassador you will receive:

3% of the subscription payment of each teacher you bring to Artis Futura  (your affiliates)


1% of the subscription payment of their affiliates (your sub-affiliates)


1% of the subscription payment of their affiliates (your sub-sub-affiliates)

How much work is it to be a successful Ambassador?

That very much depends on several variables.  If you have an active network in place already and you have a strong reputation, then being a successful Ambassador can be relatively straightforward.


First of all, as an ambassador you should make sure you have a strong profile.  The first thing anyone you approach will do is check out your profile.  If your profile doesn’t convince them of the benefits of joining Artis Futura, all your efforts will be in vain.  Worse, if your profile doesn’t manage to convince them, it will probably not convince any potential students either!


You can promote Artis Futura through your existing networks through several easy-to-use mediums.


The most efficient way is to write to your colleagues and friends, and invite them to join.  You add your affiliate link (you will receive this when you register as an ambassador) to the message and our affiliate programme will track every click on an affiliate link.  All teachers who create a profile after clicking on your link, even if it is a free profile, will be linked to you as an affiliate.


You can also use your social media channels and repost Artis Futura posts and change the link to your own affiliate link.


It can be as simple as that.


You can write a review, create a post or a blog about your experience as a teacher on Artis Futura.  The possibilities are endless.


If you have a personal website or run a blog, you can use banners that will be provided for you and embed them in your site and blogs.  These banners too will be tracked and will allow you to earn a passive income.



How to manage your affiliates

Not everyone is a born influencer or advertiser.  When one of your affiliates subscribes to Artis Futura, you can contact them and ask them to register as Ambassador.  But before you do that, make sure their profile is well written and has been completed as well as possible.


You can share your experiences about what worked for you, and what didn’t.  Encourage them to begin with a simple message to a friend or a colleague.  If you notice a particular post has better than expected results, let them know.  Remind them from time to time and keep them updated about what is working for you and what isn’t showing the results you expected.  Maybe they will see an angle that will help you increase your conversions.  Collaborate and learn from each other and grow your passive income as a team. 


Remember, their success will benefit you as well!

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